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Meet Our Puppies’ Parents

Here is a gallery of our Shih Tzu puppies’ moms and dads sold through PuppyLand-Online in Taylorville, IL. They are AKC-registered, well cared for and healthy dogs.

AKC Boomer

This is our beautiful AKC Boomer. He is white with silver blue markings. He has very beautiful big Greenish blue  eyes and a tiny button nose, and has a short and compact body. He has  beautiful thick  coat. He loves everybody and has a very sweet temperament.  He is one of a kind. He weighs 6  to  6  3/4 LBS.  

AKC Angel

Meet our sweet Angel, who is another beauty! She is so friendly and loves everybody. She likes to play, has a very good personality, always following us around. She is AKC-registered. She is white. She weighs  7 ½ to 8 lbs.


AKC Juliet

This is my beautiful little girl Juliet. Juliet was born and raised here at puppyland-online. She is black and has just a touch of white on her chest, very beautiful. She has a very good temperament, and confirmation. She weighs 6 to  6 1/2 LBS . 

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AKC Sweetis

This is Sweetie, She has a beautiful bright thick fluffy white coat, with big eyes! and very short compact body. She has very sweet temperament and confirmation. She weighs 9 to 9 1/2 LBS but she is smaller then her weight because her bone is a thick, this is very lovable girl!

AKC Kong

This handsome boy is our AKC Kong, black coat, with little touch of white on his chest, round face, big beautiful eyes, very short compact body thick bone, and he has  very sweet personality and he always give us beautiful puppies! Kong weighs 9 to 9 1/2 LBS but small compact body.

         AKC Boomer

          AKC Angel

          AKC Juliet

         AKC Sweetie 

            AKC Kong